Want to get involved in statewide student advocacy and organizing?


December 2017
Permanently Invest in Graduation, Not Incarceration, Transform Education

November 2017
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
UCLA Graduate Student Association Membership

October 2017
Demand for Regent Pattiz’s Dismissal

September 2017
Support of Student Voter Registration MOU Implementation
Solidarity with the UCLA Medical Center Valet Workers
Creating a Permanent Pro-Diversity Campaign

May 2017
Proposal to Restructure into Undergraduate and Graduate/Professional Chapters
Partial Waiver of UC Davis GSA Dues
Waiver UC Davis ASUC Dues

April 2017
Supporting Student Housing Cooperatives

March 2017
Divestment from Energy Transfer Partners and Funding the University of California

February 2017
Solidarity with Immigrants, Muslims, and International Students in Response to Actions Taken by the Trump Administration

January 2017
Intentional Undergraduate and Graduate Student Collaboration
Resignation of UC Regent Norman Pattiz

November 2016
Solidarity with IT workers at the UCSF campus
Against White Supremacy
UC Involvement in the IIEE Syrian Consortium
Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for Indigenous Sovereignty and Environmental Justice

October 2016
Student Regent Representation in Chancellor Searches
Recognizing Indigenous People’s Day

September 2016
Support Graduate Women of Color at UC Merced
Reaffirmed Support of Systemwide Insourcing and Urge Gov. Brown to Sign SB 959

August 2016
UC-Wide Day of Solidarity for Survivors of Sexual Violence on College Campuses

July 2016
Systemwide Action on Campus Violence

May 2016
Graduate Student and Advisor Relationships

April 2016
Increasing Food Security and Decreasing Food Waste
Expanding Trade Unionization in California

March 2016
Opposing Ongoing Coordinated Monitoring by UC Office ofthePresident
Supporting Systemwide Labor Insourcing
Endorsing the California Automatic Student Voter Registration Program’s Implementation
Intercultural Hub at UC Merced
A Real $15 UC Minimum Wage

January 2016
Condemning US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deportation Raids
Response to UC’s 2016-17 Budget and Enrollment Plan

September 2015
Endorsement of Student Regent Proposal for Student Advisor
Membership in United States Student Association
Membership of the Associated Students of UC Irvine (ASUCI) and UC Davis Graduate Student Association (UCD GSA)

May 2015
Support of the UC Santa Cruz Highway 17 Six

March 2015
Divesting from Gun Industries

February 2015
Support of the Community of Richmond
No Confidence in Governor

January 2015
Resolution in Solidarity with National Campaigns to End State-Sanctioned Violence Against Black Bodies
Against Socially Irresponsible UC Investments in Governments
Support of the College Diversity Requirement UCLA
No Confidence in the Regents and the President of the University of California
Calling for the UC Regents to Divest from Corporations Violating Palestinian Human Rights

September 2014
Resolution Supporting Net Neutrality

April 2014
Support of Expanding Mental Health Services
Create the California Public Higher Education Caucus
Support of UAW Strikers and Student Protest Climate at the UC
Calling for the Reduction of Tuition to the University of California

March 2014
Solidarity with the API Communities at UCLA & USC
Support of an Internship Tax Credit

February 2014
Support of the Creation of a New Master Plan for CA Higher Education

January 2014
Solidarity with the Demands of Black Student Activists at SJSU

November 2013
Increased Accountability, Accessibility and Availability of the UC Board of Regents to UC Students

October 2013
Support of Undocumented Students and Immigrant Communities
UC Presidential Selection Process

September 2013
Opposition of SB 105
Internship Tax Credit

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