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Collective Bargaining Representatives


In the 1970s, UCSA fought for and won student representation in collective bargaining between UC unions and the administration. The Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) guarantees UCSA a right to sit at the table and participate in collective bargaining negotiations.

Students’ voices at the collective bargaining table are vital to the health of the University. Students are impacted by the working conditions and policies governing UC unions as consumers and as workers as well. As such, it is imperative that students are engaged in the dialogue that determines these conditions and policies—the union contract.

Goals of the Collective Bargaining Program:

  • Educate students about the collective bargaining process and the roles of labor and management in the UC governance structure.
  • Train student representatives to negotiate on behalf of UC students through participating in bargaining sessions.
  • Represent student interests at the bargaining table and monitor items that would affect the program and services on campus.
  • To be positive third party representatives by keeping both parties (UC and Unions) “accountable” to students

The UCSA Board takes stances on aspects of contract negotiations as they arise, and the UCSA Collective Bargaining Director supports students with their participate in the Collective Bargaining program and to represent the student voice during union negotiation sessions.

Please contact us for direct inquiries about the Collective Bargaining Program or holding a CBP training on your campus.

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Student Reps to Collective Bargaining Sessions are UCSA approved students who attend collective bargaining sessions between the labor unions and administration to advocate for student interests. As stated by California state law, HEERA guarantees a student representative in all meetings between employer and employee.

No prior training or experience is needed for participating in a Collective Bargaining Session. UCSA prepares and trains Student Reps for collective bargaining sessions. Student Reps debrief their experience and notes with UCSA at the end of the day. Student Reps are expected to stay for the whole meeting from anywhere between 10am to 4pm. Students interested in being a Representative should be open to learning about the relationship between labor and administration and should not be easily discouraged by tense situations.

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