Want to get involved in statewide student advocacy and organizing?

Job Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with the UC Student Association.

We are currently recruiting for a full-time Statewide Organizing Director. The soft deadline to apply to this opportunity is January 8, 2018. Read the Job Description.

Overview of application process

  1. First read more at the bottom of this page about our organization and the type of work experience we promote at UCSA.
  2. Review any open job descriptions (see above).
  3. If you are interested in working for UCSA and we have an opening, click “Start Application” at the bottom of this page to submit your application. Applicants will be expected to submit a resume, cover letter, list of professional references, and work samples on the next page. You can select which position you are applying for on the next page.
  4. You may contact us with questions about the application process.

About Working at UCSA

The University of California Student Association is a coalition of student governments from 10 UC campuses representing UC’s students. UCSA educates and organizes students around higher education issues and empowers students to advocate on their own behalf for the accessibility, affordability, and quality of the UC system.

The University of California is recognized as a national leader in enrolling diverse students from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Many of the campuses further strive to support students with varied and intersectional identities which have historically been excluded or marginalized in the higher education landscape (i.e. differently-abled, undocumented, LGBTQIA, students of color, observers all religions), by providing programing and resource centers on campus. UCSA is likewise committed to empowering all students, regardless of identity, societal power or privilege, in advocacy to key public education decision-makers.

The UCSA conducts its advocacy through consciousness-raising, participation in UC governance, and influencing state and federal policy. The adoption of two-year issue-specific campaigns seeks to bring awareness to challenges or concerns of undergraduate students, like sexual assault prevention, food an housing security, destigmatization of garnering mental health services, or increasing access to formerly-incarcerated populations. The graduate and professional students utilize an agenda format which generates solid data and research to inform administrative asks to further support student success. Through quarterly meetings with the UC Office of the President, participation at UC Regents meetings, and on-going conversations with campus administrators, UCSA actively engages in UC governance. The UCSA influences policy through annual voter registration drives, regular testimony at legislative committee hearings, and annual conferences. Thus, the UCSA takes a multi-faceted approach to advocacy and hires staff who are able to constructively organize all of these factions and ensure students’ time and energy is utilized effectively.

If you are ready for an exciting and meaningful challenge, consider joining us.

UCSA is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. Individuals of color, women, and those who identify as LGBTQ or other diverse identities are strongly encouraged to apply.


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