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Petition | UC Regents: Don’t Raise Our Tuition!

On Wednesday, November 19, the UC Regents will vote on a proposed “five-year stability plan,” which would establish annual tuition and student fee increases of up to 5% per year for both undergraduate and graduate students, with increase levels contingent on state funding.

The University of California Student Association (UCSA) rejects this tuition proposal, as it aims to use students as political pawns between the UC and the State Legislature, and holds students hostage for the future of their education.

Although tuition has been frozen at $12,192 for 3 years, UC tuition has nearly doubled in the past decade, and could continue to rise to up to $15,564 by the 2019-20 academic year under this proposal.

We are at risk of further eroding two cornerstones of the university: its affordability and accessibility. UC students and their allies must stop the UC from forcing its students to bear the burden of the UC funding gap. The proposed tuition plan, if approved by the UC Regents, will not only affect students, but the future well-being of our state.

We–as students, faculty, workers, family members, community members, and allies–stand in solidarity against the so-called 5-year stability plan. We demand the UC Regents vote “NO” on the tuition proposal on November 19 for a better California, and a better UC.

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