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A Plate at The Table: Student Stories & Recommendations Regarding Hunger and Basic Needs Insecurity

The UC Student Association considers food security, affordable housing, and readily available, culturally competent mental health services all to be basic needs of students pursuing a degree at the University of California. A recent study by the University of California Global Food Initiative found that 19% of student respondents had very low food security, while another 23% were considered to have low food security, as defined by the USDA. Further, the study showed that the prevalence of undergraduate students systemwide who faced a reduced quality of diet or reduced food intake was 49%. The report concedes that food insecurity has the “potential to widen disparities in students academic achievement, overall health, and future success.” The UC Global Food Initiative survey did not examine the relationship between student food insecurity and time to graduate or failure to graduate. It also fails to capture those students who have already left the UC system because of a lack of basic needs.

Read the report, “A Plate At The Table”.

Barriers to Completion for UC Graduate and Professional Students

Summary: The University of California (UC) prides itself on being a world-class public research university. The success of the UC graduate student population, which generates and performs a good deal of this research work, is vital to UC meeting its mission statement. Despite the rank of many UC campuses among top national research universities, many… Continue Reading

Activities Based Costing in the University of California

Summary: Higher education institutions must report costs by function. The functional categories have a common definition across the higher education industry and include broad categories such as instruction, research, and student services. Although accounting systems are set up to broadly categorize costs, institutions rarely assign costs to activities that comprise the function or break down… Continue Reading

UC Students & Cal Fresh Eligibility

Summary: According to the College and University Food Bank Alliance (CUFBA) Postsecondary enrollment patterns show that college students increasingly do not fit the perception of the typical college student (18-22 years old with support from home). What has long been termed the “non-traditional” student is becoming the typical college student. Many students are supporting families… Continue Reading

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