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Grade The UC Regents

The UC Board of Regents meets every other month to make critical decisions about the UC system, its governance, and finances. UC Regents should be accountable to student concerns, which is why UCSA will be tracking the votes, policy issue engagement, and activities of each Regent over the next year and publicly grading their response to students’ needs. Fill out the form below before October 5, 2017 to help UCSA create a rubric on which to grade the UC Regents.

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Read Volume III of the Graduate Policy Journal (2017)

Read Volume III here. Introduction by Jamin Shih, Lead Editor: This is the third issue of the University of California Student Association’s (UCSA) Graduate Policy Journal, a journal which highlights the concerns graduate and professional students have with the institution of graduate education, its academic and administrative structures, and their impacts on the well-being and… Continue Reading

Apply for UCSA’s Media Fellowship!

UCSA offers an annual fellowship in media and communications for students at the University of California. This opportunity is open to undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The Media Fellow promotes UCSA by supporting an engaging online presence, high quality visual branding, and a consistent relationship with the media. This upcoming year, the position is based… Continue Reading

Intent to Participate – Graduate Policy Journal

The Graduate Policy Journal accepts participation applications for submission via the form below. The Graduate Policy Journal is an annual project of the UC Student Association’s Graduate and Professional Student Committee. Graduate or Professional students interested in writing should upload their article or opinion piece using the Submit form below. Volume III deadlines: April 24… Continue Reading

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