Want to get involved in statewide student advocacy and organizing?


The University of California Student Association is the official voice of over 240,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students from all ten UC campuses. It is our mission to advocate on behalf of current and future students for the accessibility, affordability, and quality of the University of California system. We fulfill our mission through the following activities.

Annual Conferences

UCSA hosts three annual conferences to bring together students across the UC: UC Student Congress, Students of Color Conference, and Student Lobby Conference. Over 1500 students attend UCSA conferences every year. Click here to learn more about the conferences we offer.

Legislative Advocacy

UCSA maintains a day-to-day presence in Sacramento and assists students with their lobbying efforts. We also help you keep an eye on issues affecting students as they develop in the Capitol, with our bill tracking database and the grades we give legislators in the Higher Education Report Card (HERC). Click here to check out our legislative work.


The UCSA Board of Directors is made up of students elected and appointed on each of the UC campuses. These students take hard stances on issues affecting students. Click here to read the resolutions adopted by UCSA.

Undergraduate Campaigns

Undergraduate representatives support two campaigns at a time, each lasting two years. Click here to learn more about these campaigns.

Standing Campaigns

UCSA runs two permanent campaigns to address ongoing issues for students. Learn more about Fund The UC, our campaign to make UC more affordable and financially secure, and UCweVOTE, our campaign to register students to vote and educate them before election day.

For more information on what we’ve been up to, click here.

Oakland Office
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Sacramento Office
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