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Grade The UC Regents

The UC Board of Regents meets every other month to make critical decisions about the UC system, its governance, and finances. UC Regents should be accountable to student concerns, which is why UCSA will be tracking the votes, policy issue engagement, and activities of each Regent over the next year and publicly grading their response to students’ needs. Fill out the form below before October 11, 2017 to help UCSA create a rubric on which to grade the UC Regents.

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The Student Experience During the Trump Era

UCSA is conducting interviews to capture the experiences of underrepresented UC students living first hand through the new Trump administration. Through these in-depth interviews, we hope to provide a detailed, intersectional look into the student experience under a national polarizing political climate. We seek to determine if feelings of marginalization, vulnerability, and or resiliency by… Continue Reading

Financial Aid Experience Survey

UCSA is collecting data to share with the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) regarding UC students’ financial aid experience. This survey is anonymous. CSAC is the principal state agency responsible for administering financial aid programs for students in California. Its central mission is to make education beyond high school financially accessible to all Californians. This… Continue Reading

Pressure the Legislature & Governor to Support Grad Students in the Final 2016 Budget

The 2016 budget is due to the Governor’s desk by June 15. The UC has requested $6M from the State to enroll 600 new graduate students in order to support graduate student success and meet the enrollment and instruction needs of incoming undergraduates. The CA Senate and Assembly have included the $6M in their budget,… Continue Reading

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