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Regent Report Cards

This project is a good government tool that communicates and tracks student priorities to the University of California Board of Regents. Check back here for the first progress report, which will be released after the November Board of Regents Meeting.

How It Works

The Board of Regents meets every other month. Before every meeting, the UC Student Association and the UC Student Regent will consider items affecting students on the upcoming agenda, and notify Regents of the votes we will be tracking. After each meeting, UCSA will release a public progress report that considers the factors affecting Regents’ grades as listed above. An annual grade on each Regent’s accessibility and voting record will be released following the May Regents meeting.

What We’ll Grade Regents On

– The Regent rotates visits to a different UC campus once a year, and meets with both representatives from students associations and the wider student community
– The Regent interacts with UCSA (ex: attended a UCSA board meeting; joint lobbying)
– The Regent hosts public and open forums that are advertised and accessible to students
– The Regent is an active board member. They attend, speak and contribute regularly in Board of Regents meetings.

*Items marked with an asterisk are student priorities for 2017-18 but are subject to change in future years.

– According to their voting track record, the Regent does not support tuition or fee increases
– The Regent votes align with UCSAs’ values of affordability, accessibility, and accountability as communicated by UCSA representatives
– The Regent has initiated conversation and/or voted for more police oversight and demilitarization*
– The Regent has initiated conversation and/or voted to discipline regent misconduct*
– The Regent has initiated conversation and/or voted in favor of labor protections and unions*
– The Regent has initiated conversation and/or voted for initiatives of diversity, inclusion, and resources for underrepresented and undocumented students*
– The Regent has initiated conversation and/or voted to decrease non-tuition costs and increase support for basic needs*

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