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About Fund the UC

Fund the UC Logo Fund the UC is UCSA’s campaign to reform CA’s Prop 13 and seek additional alternative funding sources for the UC. Throughout the month of February, UC campuses are seeking students support for a Fund the UC postcard campaign, as well as hosting events to educate students on Prop 13 reform.

Fund the UC is committed to long term funding solution for Higher Education. While we are thrilled to hear that in-state undergrad tuition will hold steady for 2015-16 and 2016-17, we are not done fighting for a truly sustainable approach to Fund the UC. State divestment and poor fiscal management threaten the long term stability, accessibility, affordability, and quality of the UC. This limits the educational opportunities available to California students.

Changing the Conversation
Through coalition building, educating students about the effects of tuition hikes, actions, and advocacy, UC Students are working towards long term affordability and accessibility of the UC system. We believe that this will only happen through significant policy change which brings about a stable funding mechanism for all segments of higher education. More than just funding the UC year over year, students hope to see a shift in how the public and policy makers approach funding education; moving from heated debate about a dreaded expense, to a conversation about higher education as a worthwhile investment.

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Oakland Office
385 Grand Ave, Suite 302
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Sacramento Office
1020 12th Street, Suite 232
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